Thursday, January 12, 2012


Wall my brother A.J. well be 12 on the 17th but his party will be tomorrow because we will be in TX the week of his birthday. I'm stressed out because i'm making the cake and i still have not gone to the store, I know i'm bad and he want's an ice cream cake we will see how this go's i have never done an ice cream cake and i'm a little scared i'll mess it up!! He has been asking for one for the past two years and i have always said NO but this year i gave in and said i'd do it. Pray for me!! If i have time tomorrow i will post photos....... I'm also happy because last night at church i was asked to help with the valentines banquet! i love to decorate and cant wait to help out!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 reading list

River marked is the sixth book in a series i have been reading for some time now the series is grate Patricia Briggs is one of my Favorite authors and you will see more of her books on my list                                                             
I just found this book last night at wal-mart and got it i'v been looking for this book for about a year now and cant wait to read it!!!                                                                              
I plan on reading this book after the movie comes out because i want to like the movie if i read the book first i know i will hate the movie!                                             
I have not seen the movie yet but a friend told me the book was better so when i watch the movie i will read the book.                                                                                               
This book just looked like something i would like.                                         
Okay so you can see i like Nicholas Sparks book's!!                                       
I want to see the movie first then read the book. You see i read the last song before it came out and i liked the movie but i did not love it so i only want to read the book's after i see the movie's! This book come's out in march and i can't wait to get it! it is the 3rd book of it's series                             
So i want to read all of her books and this one is on my list!