Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 reading list

River marked is the sixth book in a series i have been reading for some time now the series is grate Patricia Briggs is one of my Favorite authors and you will see more of her books on my list                                                             
I just found this book last night at wal-mart and got it i'v been looking for this book for about a year now and cant wait to read it!!!                                                                              
I plan on reading this book after the movie comes out because i want to like the movie if i read the book first i know i will hate the movie!                                             
I have not seen the movie yet but a friend told me the book was better so when i watch the movie i will read the book.                                                                                               
This book just looked like something i would like.                                         
Okay so you can see i like Nicholas Sparks book's!!                                       
I want to see the movie first then read the book. You see i read the last song before it came out and i liked the movie but i did not love it so i only want to read the book's after i see the movie's! This book come's out in march and i can't wait to get it! it is the 3rd book of it's series                             
So i want to read all of her books and this one is on my list!                         

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