Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Part two of my bucket list!! =)

I want to take a ride on a helicopter                              

I want to open up my own bakery                               

Visit Sydney Australia                                                

White water rafting                                                  

I want to go down this!!!                                               

Go on a cruise                                                          

I want to see Buckingham palace                            

Okay me and my family go to kings island all the time but i have not been on this ride yet! I dont know why i never get on it? iv been on roller coaster's like this one at other parks i just have not done it yet, so i want to ride this ride!!!                                                       

Go mushing                                                             

Go to Disney World!!  

Yes i want to ride on a jet ski                                      

Go to legoland                                                           

I want to see the liberty bell                                            

I want to go on the London eye                                

Duh i want to see the Eiffel Tower                                   

This is a dumb one but iv all ways wanted to ride on a trolley ever since i saw homeward bound 2!!

Go kayaking                                                                

And zip lining!!!                                                             

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