Friday, November 4, 2011


I did NOT write this just found it and wanted to share i have not seen it set up yet but i did see the beams at the fair the day of the sugarland concert i want to go and see it, Ill post pics when i go. 
INDIANAPOLIS FIREFIGHTER and PARAMEDIC GREG HESS arrived home from a 24-hour shift just in time to see a second commercial airliner fly into New York City’s World Trade Center. Sixteen hours later, he and the rest of Indiana Task Force 1, a FEMA Search and Rescue Team, stood at Ground Zero, assisting in rescue and recovery efforts. ITF-1 labored in lower Manhattan alongside other rescue workers for eight grueling days. For Greg Hess, the experience equaled the horror an earlier generation endured at Pearl Harbor.
IN JANUARY 2010,Greg learned that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey was accepting petitions for Ground Zero artifacts from communities that wanted to establish permanent local memorials. He felt strongly that Indianapolis needed its own memorial to the events of September 11. To meet that need, Greg Hess established Project 9/11 Indianapolis and began the process of petitioning for artifacts. With the support of Indianapolis civic leaders, Greg sought and gained approval to receive two 22-foot steel beams from the World Trade Center to form the basis of the Project 9/11 Indianapolis memorial.
THIS PERMANENT MEMORIAL will be built at 421 West Ohio Street, overlooking the White River Canal. More than 22,000 pounds of steel from the World Trade Center form the heart of the memorial. Perched atop these steel beams, a life-sized sculpture of an American eagle with out-stretched wings will gaze toward New York City. The memorial’s granite base will be inscribed with remembrances of the events on September 11 in New York City, Washington, DC, and Shanksville, PA, along with a passage from the address given by President George W. Bush to the nation and the world on that evening. The names of those whose donations help construct this important memorial will be engraved at the memorial site.

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