Friday, December 16, 2011


I have wanted to do a post about modesty for some time now iv just been so busy with Christmas stuff lately. My feeling's on being modest are simple! I know a lot of people who thinks pants are immodest but i don't if your pants are not to tight then its fine i do not ware pant's i did when i was a kid but i made a personal choice to not ware pant's. I feel like a man should look like a man and a women should look like a women! I don't think a girl look's like a man because she ware's pant's. Now on to are top half i don't want my boobs hanging out for all to see i like to keep them covered! I don't want to attract a guy who only want's one thing! I want a guy who respects me and my choice's! i don't want someone who just liked me for my body! Here are some photo's of what i think is modest and what is not.  The 1st 3 to me are modest and the last 2 are immodest.                                            


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  1. Modesty for us! Do you celebrate christmas? Come and answer on my blog