Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We went to the children's museum and got to see the barbie exhibit 

This is a vera wang wedding gown i love it!!! It's so pretty!!             

Lydia a family friend                                                                   

I want this dress                                                                         

How cool is this dress                                                                

I love this dress too!!                                                                    

She was made in 2009                                                               

The 50's doll's                                                                              

I know the one on the left is twiggy but i dont know who the girl on the right is

TV chef                                                                  

Barbie's desk                                                         

I love this!!                                                                                 

This is my Favorite dress that we saw!!                                                

She was made in 2002                                                                     

I got to make my own dress                                                            

The J I JOE stuff was out side of the Barbie exhibit this was the boys favorite part 

Logan is my older sister's boyfriend and he say's that these are NOT barbie's they are action figure's!

                                                   More to come on the childrens museum!! 

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