Monday, August 15, 2011

Indy State Fair/Sugarland Concert

Yes i was in the stand and it was the most horrifying thing I have ever seen. When it happened all i was thinking was people are going to die! I started to cry in the stands my sister told me to sit down and don't look. I seen a boy who looked about 18 19 run to help the people under the stage I'm so proud to be called a HOOSIER!!! Me my mom dad & sister sat for a minute or two because my dad did not want us to get trampled. Then the roof of the stands started to shake and my dad stood up and said lets go when i got up i seen a man with two girls and he told them if something happened he wanted them to get under the bleacher seats. The girls looked to be about 10 - 12 i don't know and the girls started crying even more!! My dad grabbed my hand and told my mom to stay with my sister we then started to walk down the bleacher's. My mom had seen all the men try to lift the stage and she told my sister to take a pic, my sister did not take a pic because she felt like everybody was helping and she was just going to stand there and take a pic ( Today she wishes she had stooped to take a pic of the men who r hero's for helping the people out ) when we went to find shelter the 1st building we went to was full of people. On r way to the 2nd building a girl had a panic attack i closed my eye's and told my dad i don't want to see it i said it over and over till we had past. When we got to the 2nd building it was also full of people we then started to walk to the back of the building to see if the building behind it was full then a door opened and a women told us to come in.....We had just walked into the kitchen of the 2nd building it had about 15 people in it, it was a big kitchen we then tryed to call my mamaw who had 2 of the kids with her my sisters phone had died before the concert and me and my dad's phone said busy. With my mom's phone i called my mamaw and she picked up i could hear her just fine but she could not hear me..then the women who let us in told us that a guy on her radio said we had to get out of the fair, Me dad and my sister got up and walked out and by mistake left my mom we stooped when we had seen she was not with us she was walking out of the room we had just been in and she was upset! Dad walked on to the van witch we parked out side of the fair and us girls walked to the truck that was parked inside the fair when we was walking back i had seen 3 girls that had made shirts and on the back of them was one word it'll be alright and that made me fell so much better because i know we can over come this and it WILL be alright again!!!  We got to the truck and sat in it for what felt like an hour. We talked to my mamaw who had 2 of the kids we talked to are life long friends who had 6 of the kids and i also called my mamaw who is in FL right now, I also looked on twitter to find tweets like this -

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