Monday, February 20, 2012

Brother #2

So this is my 2nd brother Austin!                                                          
I think out of all of the younger kids i'm closest to Austin we have a bound... Let me explain me and my older sister are the only one's my mom had in a hospital. All of my other siblings where born at home Austin was the first one i'd seen born and at that time my mom was working so i was the one who was with Austin most of his toddler age. I was the one with him when he first started walking and said his first words! Please don't think my mom is a bad person because she missed that stuff i called her and told her she was still around! I just helped out a lot!                                                  
Austin is the BOY'S BOY in our family he love's anything you think a guy would like!! He is one of the easy kids to buy gift's for because he like's anything as long as it's not pink!                                              
He has a loud mouth he still dose not know what inside voice means but i love him anyway 
He is a picky eater last time we went out to eat i got his food sat it i front of him, he looked at it, then looked at me and said Austin wont eat that stuff, it made me laugh out loud!! he did however eat, we told him if he did not eat his food he would not get ice cream!              
I don't like seeing my siblings grow up it makes me sad!!               
But i love planing them birthday party's!!

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