Sunday, February 5, 2012

Random thoughts

I have a new found love for Pinterest!! When i was first told about it i was like... Well that sounds wired!! But i love it!!! and you should go check it out!! So the super bowl was on tonight and the giants won!! =) this makes me happy! The Valentin's banquet is on Friday and i will be helping out with the kids watch them so there mom's and dad's can enjoy themselves yay! I love working with kids i can't wait to have some of my own someday!! I am also starting a diet my goal is to lose 50 pounds by 2013 we will see how this go's!! My church is going to a teen conference in July and i can't wait for that it will be my first and my last... Me and my sister Vivian are planing a party for her best friend on the 17th that should be fun... I love to plan party's!! Well i'm going to stop blabbing on about randomness and get off... Hope you all have a good night!       

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