Thursday, February 2, 2012

First i want to apologize for the long gap on here after my brother's birthday party we went to Texas. I have just been doing way to much stuff and have not had the time to blog =(  Sorry                            Well this is the cake i made a vanilla cake. After i made the cake i cut it in half and put ice cream sandwich's in it then the icing went on then i sprayed it blue. this is how it turned out....
The night before we went to Texas an ice storm pasted over Illinois this is just one photo of the aftermath. I counted 22 semis all in all crazy right? if your paying attention this semi is on the wrong side of the road.                                        
Lambert's cafe we always stop here to eat if you have not been you need to go!!! 
when we got to Texas we went to a lake by my papaw's house the sunset was so pretty!!! 
Group photo's are difficult to take in my family!!            
This is my papaw with all of his grandkids.                
The stokes boys.                                                     
Okay now i'm going to talk about the super bowl... I hate football so i'm not happy about all of this crap all over my home town!!! It makes me sad!! This is the down town circle.
And the JW Marriott.                                                                  
A friend of mine is a camera man and go's all over the U.S. to tape games and this is what he is doing all week. This is inside the JW Marriott Larry the cable guy.                    
The set of espn inside the JW Marriott.                          
And this is the JW Marriott at night.                                                               

I don't like football but i will be watching the super bowl this year and i'm pulling for the NY GIANTS....

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  1. So you live in IL? How many hours from St Louis Mo? Answer on my blog.